Meet Schultzie.  A man of few words, but when the kid speaks it's generally profound or simply hilarious.  He's managed to pull together a few more words and put music to them.  You may even feel compelled to sing along with him. You will never know until you have a listen and download the smooth tunes from iTunes here.  Go on... do it!  You will be better off for having done so.


Logan+Krystee || NEW ZEALAND

Last week I was in NZ to photograph a wedding in Wellington which made for a perfect occasion to catch up with my sis and bro-inlaw who are expecting their 1st bub.  It's the 1st one on my side of the family, so everyone is pretty excited!

Krystee is already a few months preggas, so I made her hike up the mountains to get some photos.  It was cold and it was, in true form, windy! In saying that we had a lot of fun though and some photos to tell a part of the story...

Can't wait to meet you #babycraig