In a Nutshell...

I grew up in a humble little town in New Zealand called Te Awamutu (Tee Awa-moo-too). When I turned 18, I decided to jump the ditch and complete my studies in Sydney. After growing into big city life and developing my passions for music and photography, I met my dream girl and made her my wife! We moved to London, fell in love with coffee, whiskey, history and travel. 2 years later, our visas sent us packing back to Sydney and a year later we welcomed our newest addition to the family, Arlo Judah Williams.

As of 2016, the next chapter of our lives has taken us back to NZ, where we are continuing the adventure in Nelson.

That’s the ‘Nutshell’ version anyway.

Beautiful people. Creativity.  Genuine stories. All perfect explanations for why I love photography. Learning from others and being humbled by their journeys is an extraordinary experience from behind the lens. If you love my work, drop me a line here and we can begin the fun. I’d love to hear from you and get the chance to capture your adventure and tell your story, wherever in the world that maybe.

Photos by Tim Pascoe and Jakub Fabijanki (Aparat)