Back in March I touched down in Queenstown, NZ to hang with a bunch of other crazy photogs and to attended a workshop with one of my all time favourite photographers, Fer Juaristi. I was so inspired and challenged as a photographer. Hopefully from here on out you will start to see the impact his workshop had on me and my photography.

While we were there, I had the pleasure of meeting Scott+Sarah for a casual portrait session. Thanks for being such legends you 2! 

Boho Styled Shoot || BREENHOLD GARDENS

Back in November I was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing creative team to capture this Boho shoot in the iconic Breenhold Gardens where the Great Gatsby was filmed. This Saturday just gone, it was featured on the White Magazine blog. Click here to see the full post by White Magazine...

Such a rad experience working with some other epic individuals in the industry. Thanks to the below vendors for making it such an awesome day!

FLOWERS: Floral Ink

WEDDING GOWNS: Kitsch Bitsch & Front Porch

MAKE UP: Ella Bache, Springwood

HAIR: Michelle from Mountain Angel Hair Salon 


MODELS:Bridie & Bianca

LOCATION: Breenhold Gardens

Kurt+Danielle || Casual Portraits, SYDNEY

Meet Danielle and Kurt... Kiwis, legends, and 'parents to be'.

I never thought I would enjoy the 'maternity' type shoot.  There's just so much stuff online that is simply terrible.  There's been a number of posts go around that verifies my opinion, however moving away from the tacky maternity shoots, there's actually something truly beautiful about photographing a couple expecting a child. The excitement from both parents, the nervousness of the unknown, the unity of 2 people making another human, the making of a family.

I guess it's all part of the flow on from being a wedding photographer. Couples get married, couples have babies, the couple become a family... The circle of life. It's a beautiful thing. As long as there's beauty I will keep shooting and capturing stories.

After a few email back and forth Danielle and I had decided the Carriageworks in Sydney was going to be the perfect location for their shoot... It certainly was! The location and the light was delicious!

Having learnt a small part of Kurt+Danielle's story from hanging out on the day, I am totally honoured to have been able to tell their story. Thank you so much for having me guys!

Be blessed,



Meet Schultzie.  A man of few words, but when the kid speaks it's generally profound or simply hilarious.  He's managed to pull together a few more words and put music to them.  You may even feel compelled to sing along with him. You will never know until you have a listen and download the smooth tunes from iTunes here.  Go on... do it!  You will be better off for having done so.



Ever met someone where your life simply feels more enriched having met them..? Well here's a double whammy!  Joel and Hanna are 2 of the kindest, most generous, selfless and encouraging people on the face of the planet.  The world is literally a better place because of these 2 humans and soon there will be a 3rd. Baby Phillips is due September. Freaking awesome!!!