Kurt+Danielle || Casual Portraits, SYDNEY

Meet Danielle and Kurt... Kiwis, legends, and 'parents to be'.

I never thought I would enjoy the 'maternity' type shoot.  There's just so much stuff online that is simply terrible.  There's been a number of posts go around that verifies my opinion, however moving away from the tacky maternity shoots, there's actually something truly beautiful about photographing a couple expecting a child. The excitement from both parents, the nervousness of the unknown, the unity of 2 people making another human, the making of a family.

I guess it's all part of the flow on from being a wedding photographer. Couples get married, couples have babies, the couple become a family... The circle of life. It's a beautiful thing. As long as there's beauty I will keep shooting and capturing stories.

After a few email back and forth Danielle and I had decided the Carriageworks in Sydney was going to be the perfect location for their shoot... It certainly was! The location and the light was delicious!

Having learnt a small part of Kurt+Danielle's story from hanging out on the day, I am totally honoured to have been able to tell their story. Thank you so much for having me guys!

Be blessed,



Had the honour of hanging with these guys during a portrait session in Newcastle last weekend. We 1st met Nate+Rach in London which is where the friendship kicked off. When they left London to return to Australia they sure left a big hole. When we heard that the family was expanding and they wanted some photos taken I was stoked!  These 2 are some of the best people you could meet and our lives are only richer for having them a part of ours.

Rach, a fellow photog, had a sweet spot in mind and then there it was... the light! It was so delicious!

Nate+Rach, you guys are a massive blessing to us and everyone around you. Thanks for the good times and letting me tell a part of your story...