Meet Schultzie.  A man of few words, but when the kid speaks it's generally profound or simply hilarious.  He's managed to pull together a few more words and put music to them.  You may even feel compelled to sing along with him. You will never know until you have a listen and download the smooth tunes from iTunes here.  Go on... do it!  You will be better off for having done so.


Israel Cannan - An international man of music

The move to London for us has not only been an exciting adventure, but we have met some incredible people along the way to adventure with us.  Israel and his wife Alice moved to London a few weeks after us. When we met we found we all had so much in common and since then we've just let the good times roll!

Israel is a singer/song writer... but a phenomenal one! He is also not a bad actor as well with a movie and a few TV episodes under his belt.

If you are reading this I can highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel by clicking


 and then swing by and like his Facebook page by clicking


.  Once you have done that go to his


and have a look around.  You should even buy his music on iTunes... It will warm the cockles of your heart. 

If you are in London town anytime soon be sure to swing by and check him out gigging around the area.