Matt+Sarah || Casual Portraits, LONDON

Matt+Sarah are some good friends of ours that moved to London a few months before us. During our 2 years together, we laughed, consumed some good vino, travelled to distant places and talked philosophy over a good coffee...

This shoot was originally booked to take place in Paris, however it was a little chilly and the weather wasn't crash hot when we were there together for Sarah's birthday, so Matt purchased the dress for Sarah in Paris and we postponed the shoot for a warmer day in London.

We strolled through East London and made our way to London Tower Bridge - where the light was simply epic - then onto another London icon, Buckingham Palace. 

The day was nothing short of a laugh and a good time as you will see by the photos.

Thanks for the good times guys and here's to many more...

Tim+Lucy || Bath, UK

We had only been in London for a few months when I met up with an old friend from Australia (who is, funnily enough, also called Tim) on London's South Bank. Tim was also meeting some of his London buddies, as he used to live there. One of his buddies was another Tim, the groom to be... it was destined to be a good night with 3 Tim's in close proximity, haha!

After going through the usual formalities of getting to know each other, we were well on our way to having a good time over much laughter and a few beers.

When I received the email the following week from Tim expressing interest in me shooting their wedding, I was absolutely stoked! It was the 1st wedding enquiry I had had since we moved to London, so I was very ready to get back into it. Plus, after meeting Tim I knew it would be a stellar start to my wedding photography career in the UK.

After a few emails back and forth, things were locked in and I had my 1st London wedding booked! It was 18 months away, but none the less, it was booked and I was excited. This couple were just overwhelmingly joyful and a whole bunch of fun.

The wedding took place in one of my favourite locations in the UK... Bath, an ancient Roman town south of London, as well as Lucy's hometown. I also had the pleasure of my hot wife rocking 2nd shooter with me on this one. I could talk all day about the wedding, but I'm going to let the photos do the talking. However, I will say, it was an honour to spend the day with the bride and groom, a couple that I hold in high regards and consider wonderful friends.

Tim+Lucy, I wish you guys the best marriage and look forward to catching up when in London next!

Andre+Ilze - A walk in the park...

It's been far too long since I blogged anything, so I felt it's time I did something about it. I've got some weddings and lifestyle stuff to show you but for now we'll start with these guys... 

I teed up with Andre+Ilze a few weeks back for a casual portrait sesh and it turned out to be amazing... the light was epic, location was perfect and the couple were the cherry on top.

I'll let the photos do the talking on this one...

Next week my folks arrive and we are off to Greece > Italy > Croatia for 3 weeks and then wifey and I head to France > Portugal > London. We are in London for 4 days then bust a move to NY to catch up with friends for a week then hire a car to travel Route 66 over 3 weeks.  Needless to say it's going to be pretty epic! I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with ya'll when I get through all the images. ..

Arrigo+Izzy - A Royal Wedding || Chichester, UK

It's been just over a year since we made the bold move to uproot our lives and relocate to London. Career wise it was a tough decision as I was getting booked for more and more weddings in Australia and making the move to London would mean that I would be pretty much starting over. However, the journey we have walked since being here and the foundations that have been laid can only be described as immensely essential and rewarding for my future, not only as a photographer but also in my marriage with my best friend.

Not having shot a wedding in a little over a year I was very much 'chomping at the bit' to jump back into shooting weddings.  When I received the call for this one, knowing it was going to be a Royal Wedding, I knew it was going to be epic!

Izzy is a bubbly yet humble British girl who is a massively talented singer/songwriter with a huge future ahead of her. She embarked on a journey to Australia to further her studies and a new adventure.  Little did she know that she would meet her prince to be.

Arrigo (or Heinrich XXVI Prince Reuss, as he is legally known) descends from the German Monarch making him a legit royal.  Under the assumption that it's every girls dream to become a princess, Arrigo literally made this happen for Izzy when she became 'Princess Isabel Ruess' at the altar on their wedding day.

Being February in the UK it's pretty much a certainty that it's either going to be raining, cloudy, freezing cold or all of the above. But something amazing happened that day on the 02.02.13.  The clouds parted and the sun shone... brightly!

All I can say is that this wedding was amazing; the people, the location, the weather and the food were all outstanding. This will certainly be a wedding to remember!

Arrigo + Izzy, you guys are legends.  Thank you for letting me capture your day.