Dean+Zoe's wedding was an absolute dream. As a photographer, my camera-clicking hands wanted to applaud them both on their noteworthy detail and striking beauty; from the glamour of the bridesmaids beaded gowns to the striking decor at the reception. The thoughtfulness and design of this wedding was evident in every aspect. But more than the aesthetics, the high-spirited Bride and Groom were certainly the centre of the attention, with the warmth and joy they carried all day in their smiles. Nothing could dampen their sparkle, even an absolute downpour of rain straight after the ceremony!

There wasn't a single element about this day that didn't shine (apart from a few grey skies). An impressive banquet of food greeted guests at the reception and with happy hearts and full tummies, the celebration of the couple continued with dancing, laughter and more amazing food. Dean+Zoe, may the dancing, laughter and celebration of food be ever present in your beautiful marriage!

Patrick+Chloe || SYDNEY WEDDING

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting a Sydney wedding with my buddy from London, Ed Peers.  I'm always inspired by this guy.  He's a total genius, literally!  He has a PHD and threw in a career in his field of study to capture beauty and tell a story through photograhy.  

Ed, Thanks for having me along on this one bro. It was good times!

Here's Patrick+Chloe's wedding.  It was wet... Very wet, but the more I shoot weddings, the more I realise the the beauty of the wedding is not how beautiful the dress is, how opulent the reception is or how many people are at the wedding. It's 2 people totally in love, choosing to commit their life to each other regardless of what the weather is doing.

This was one of those weddings...


I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while.  Actually, I think everyone that knew Kurt+Stacey had been anticipating this wedding for a few years and wished the day would hurry up and arrive.  It's funny how in those moments you always look back and are shocked at how fast time flew by... This was exactly the case with this wedding!

Stacey and my wife, Shelley, are 1st cousins so I had seen the Kurt+Stacey's relationship grow from humble beginnings to the tying of the knot.  Something I consider pretty special to be able to photograph. But it wasn't until the wedding day where I really understood how amazing these two were and how perfectly matched for each other they are. I mean, I knew they were amazing people before the wedding, but a wedding seems to draw the best out in people and it's ok to be vulnerable. To show emotions that you perhaps generally do not show in public. It's those emotions that, when on display, show your true colours.

Kurt+Stacey's wedding was simply beautiful from start to finish. They say that there are 3 things that people will talk about after the wedding...

  1. The food
  2. The music
  3. The speeches

The food was great, the music had people working their best moves on the dance floor however, I guess for me, the speeches from everyone were some of the best I have heard.  The beauty of raw emotion, the honouring of the parents and the humble delivery by everyone who spoke. It was difficult to not choke up behind the camera...

To Kurt+Stacey, thank you for letting me tell your story. I was honoured and I was blessed to be apart of your special day. Thank you!

Craig+Caroline || Groom Preps, SYDNEY

A few weeks back I had the delight of shooting the groom preps for Craig+Caroline's wedding.  I spent my early years in Sydney studying music and performing with Caroline, where our friendship began. When she dropped me a line back in February to see if I would be interested in helping out with the wedding day I was stoked and delighted to be involved.

We had only been back in Australia for a week after moving back from London, so it was good to hit the ground running. I had never met Craig, but I had heard many good things from various people and needless to say, he lived up to all of them... except his height!

He's a little Scottish lad and a gentleman at heart with a sense of humour to boot.  It was a super fun and relaxed morning shooting these boys. It's always an honour being a part of someones wedding day, so thanks for having me Craig+Caroline.  You guys are a perfect match and are destined for a great future together.

Be blessed :)