I had been looking forward to this wedding for a while.  Actually, I think everyone that knew Kurt+Stacey had been anticipating this wedding for a few years and wished the day would hurry up and arrive.  It's funny how in those moments you always look back and are shocked at how fast time flew by... This was exactly the case with this wedding!

Stacey and my wife, Shelley, are 1st cousins so I had seen the Kurt+Stacey's relationship grow from humble beginnings to the tying of the knot.  Something I consider pretty special to be able to photograph. But it wasn't until the wedding day where I really understood how amazing these two were and how perfectly matched for each other they are. I mean, I knew they were amazing people before the wedding, but a wedding seems to draw the best out in people and it's ok to be vulnerable. To show emotions that you perhaps generally do not show in public. It's those emotions that, when on display, show your true colours.

Kurt+Stacey's wedding was simply beautiful from start to finish. They say that there are 3 things that people will talk about after the wedding...

  1. The food
  2. The music
  3. The speeches

The food was great, the music had people working their best moves on the dance floor however, I guess for me, the speeches from everyone were some of the best I have heard.  The beauty of raw emotion, the honouring of the parents and the humble delivery by everyone who spoke. It was difficult to not choke up behind the camera...

To Kurt+Stacey, thank you for letting me tell your story. I was honoured and I was blessed to be apart of your special day. Thank you!