NZIPP Iris Awards 2017

Every year the NZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) holds the Iris Awards. The only accredited national photography awards competition across multiple categories. This year, for the 1st time, I threw myself in the deep end and gave it a red hot go... I'd always sat on the fence as to the value an award would add to my work and as a photographer, but I put the awards aside and entered as an opportunity to grow and learn from my peers. Nevertheless, I come out a whole lot wiser and a few awards which I'm pretty chuffed about.

But, at the end of the day it's not about me. It's about the couples that book me and trust me to journey with them on their wedding day. Trust - the very thing I never take for granted as it is this that allows me to interpret and create without fear. A blessing any photographer or creative can understand.

So, here's to all the couples who have booked me over the years and who continue to book me. You guys are the real champions... Thank you!

Liz+Moo // Silver Distinction Award

Liz+Moo // Silver Distinction Award

Dave+Aymee // Bronze Award

Dave+Aymee // Bronze Award

Penelope // Bronze Award

Penelope // Bronze Award

Nathan+Hannah // Bronze Award

Nathan+Hannah // Bronze Award


Dean+Zoe's wedding was an absolute dream. As a photographer, my camera-clicking hands wanted to applaud them both on their noteworthy detail and striking beauty; from the glamour of the bridesmaids beaded gowns to the striking decor at the reception. The thoughtfulness and design of this wedding was evident in every aspect. But more than the aesthetics, the high-spirited Bride and Groom were certainly the centre of the attention, with the warmth and joy they carried all day in their smiles. Nothing could dampen their sparkle, even an absolute downpour of rain straight after the ceremony!

There wasn't a single element about this day that didn't shine (apart from a few grey skies). An impressive banquet of food greeted guests at the reception and with happy hearts and full tummies, the celebration of the couple continued with dancing, laughter and more amazing food. Dean+Zoe, may the dancing, laughter and celebration of food be ever present in your beautiful marriage!

Craig+Caroline || Groom Preps, SYDNEY

A few weeks back I had the delight of shooting the groom preps for Craig+Caroline's wedding.  I spent my early years in Sydney studying music and performing with Caroline, where our friendship began. When she dropped me a line back in February to see if I would be interested in helping out with the wedding day I was stoked and delighted to be involved.

We had only been back in Australia for a week after moving back from London, so it was good to hit the ground running. I had never met Craig, but I had heard many good things from various people and needless to say, he lived up to all of them... except his height!

He's a little Scottish lad and a gentleman at heart with a sense of humour to boot.  It was a super fun and relaxed morning shooting these boys. It's always an honour being a part of someones wedding day, so thanks for having me Craig+Caroline.  You guys are a perfect match and are destined for a great future together.

Be blessed :)

Arrigo+Izzy - A Royal Wedding || Chichester, UK

It's been just over a year since we made the bold move to uproot our lives and relocate to London. Career wise it was a tough decision as I was getting booked for more and more weddings in Australia and making the move to London would mean that I would be pretty much starting over. However, the journey we have walked since being here and the foundations that have been laid can only be described as immensely essential and rewarding for my future, not only as a photographer but also in my marriage with my best friend.

Not having shot a wedding in a little over a year I was very much 'chomping at the bit' to jump back into shooting weddings.  When I received the call for this one, knowing it was going to be a Royal Wedding, I knew it was going to be epic!

Izzy is a bubbly yet humble British girl who is a massively talented singer/songwriter with a huge future ahead of her. She embarked on a journey to Australia to further her studies and a new adventure.  Little did she know that she would meet her prince to be.

Arrigo (or Heinrich XXVI Prince Reuss, as he is legally known) descends from the German Monarch making him a legit royal.  Under the assumption that it's every girls dream to become a princess, Arrigo literally made this happen for Izzy when she became 'Princess Isabel Ruess' at the altar on their wedding day.

Being February in the UK it's pretty much a certainty that it's either going to be raining, cloudy, freezing cold or all of the above. But something amazing happened that day on the 02.02.13.  The clouds parted and the sun shone... brightly!

All I can say is that this wedding was amazing; the people, the location, the weather and the food were all outstanding. This will certainly be a wedding to remember!

Arrigo + Izzy, you guys are legends.  Thank you for letting me capture your day.