Struan+Abi || Casual Portraits, NY

New York, New York. I absolutely love this city! This time around it was my 4th time to the 'Big Apple' catching up with friends and trying to be a local as much as possible. It was our 1st stop after officially leaving London - the city that stole our hearts, provided some life long friends and gave us itchier feet than ever...not literally. The travel bug only gets bigger once you start.

It was the beginning of our epic 4 week tour of the US, but also a bit of a reunion of friends where Struan+Abi were coming along for the adventure and making it a trip that we'll certainly remember.

Struan secretly asked me if we could tee up a surprise shoot whilst we were in NY. I was super stoked, not only because it was NY, but in 2011 I was blessed to shoot their wedding in London and had such a great time!

So, here's to Struan+Abi. We love you guys and miss hanging in London. You provided so many great memories for us to hold onto. Looking forward to creating many more in the future.