Edwin+Magda || Suffolk, UK

After a wild 2 months of travelling through Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and the USA, we are finally back on home soil in Australia, where we have been busy catching up with family and friends. It has certainly been well over due for myself as it's the 1st time back home since we moved to London... needless to say, it's good to be back! Now I have a mega backlog of stuff to blog so here is the start of it...

While living in London, our local coffee house was a buzzing cafe a stones throw from our flat in Putney call 'Artisans'. After tweeting about one of the epic coffees I had one morning, I had a reply from the owners, Magda + Edwin,  and an enquiry for their wedding. Thank you Twitter!

After meeting up with them to talk and get to know each other, I couldn't help but feel inspired by their journey and knew that they were genuine and beautiful people. I felt so totally honoured to shoot this amazing wedding and get to know Edwin+Magda.

I have heard that there are 3 things you will leave the wedding talking about whether it's good or bad...

1. Food

2. Speeches

3. Music

All 3 aspects of this wedding were nailed, with a Hog Roast, hilarious but heart felt speeches, and one of the most smoking covers band I have heard in a long time, called 'Sewage Jam'... gold! 

If you're ever in search of a good coffee in London, stop by one of their 2 cafe's in Putney and Stamford Brook. You can check out their website for more information here.

Edwin+Magda, thank you for all the brews of coffee and letting me be part of your beautiful wedding day! Be blessed...